photoshoot for West House Photography (Mar.08)

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These were shot at Guarana State Park, south of Ponte Vedra. March 2008.

this was the first shoot i had done in years, i’m not sure how i feel about the pics, really. but here are a few anyways.






To see the photog’s website:


jake roth’s “pathways” from 16.aug.08

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photoshoot by jacksonville photog/friend jake roth.
main street bridge. jacksonville, florida

lighting test (with clothes on)

final shot for pathways project

final shot for pathways project

goodmorning jacksonville

first frame of the day

go here to see the whole project and/or buy prints:

my icon everywhere else

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matthew made me this really sweet icon. if you see this around – yeah, its me.

rose, incognito

by matthew jastremski.

day one

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this is the creative homepage of rose shapiro. its probably going to take me a couple weeks to sort this out, and do anything with it.